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Research Writing

This page documents a set of recommendations that junior researchers should follow when writing their thesis or papers. These are stronger recommendations if I happen to be the advisor or co-author. This was inspired by Claire Le Goues guidelines.


Tip#1 Firstly, I recommend using LaTeX. Not that I’m the biggest fan, but the alternatives (Word, Markdown, ReStructuredText) are worse.

Tip#2 Start with the official template of your university or the template for the conference you are targeting. Other people spent their time making your life easier. Take advantage of that.


Tip#3 Thesis and Papers have very standard structures. However, these standards are sometimes specific to communities.
Tip#4 Be sure to read a couple of thesis/papers that had good grades/awards.

The introduction ends with a description of how the rest of the document is organized. In thesis/books, each chapter starts with a paragraph describing its motivation and scope.

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