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Online Platforms for Boardgames

I am an avid fan of boardgames. Spending most of my day in front of a computer screen, I enjoy the social fun of being around a table, getting my ass whooped at any random game.

Given the current imprisonment status, I have resorted to skype/zoom together with online platforms (which I have used for years for remote 2-player games. While some online platforms automate several actions, most are less intuitive than their physical counterpart.

Board Game Platforms

  • BoardGameArena — one of the best platforms, which some games requiring you to be a premium to open a table (not necessarily play). Usually overpopulated. Free titles I suggest: 6nimt, StoneAge, Takenoko, Jaipur, Tzolkin, Keyflower, Quantum, The Palaces of Carrara,
  • Yucata — similar platform. Free to play in two simultaneous game. The UI quality depends on the game itself. Games I recommend: Carson City, El Grande, Glen More, Jaipur, Kashgar, Machi Koro, Navegador, Pompeii, Port Royal, Snowdonia, StoneAge, The Castles of Burgundy, The Voyages of Marco Polo
  • BoardgameCore For “real” gamers. I would recommend Antiquity.
  • SlothNinja Few deep games. I have only played Tammany hall
  • BoardSpace Mostly abstract games, but has some euros like Containers and Medina
  • SpielByWeb has Bus, Hacienda, Reef Encouter, Santiago, Tikal and Wallenstein.
  • BrettspielWelt Really weird interface, with a lot of non-translated german.
  • Boiteajeux While BrettspielWelt is the german boardgame platform, Boiteajeux is the french counterpart.
  • Tabletopia, 3D. — Very “manual” in the sense that you have to move cards online.
  • Table Top Simulator, 3D win/mac/linux and VR — similar to the previous one, but requires software install.