Alcides Fonseca

40.197958, -8.408312


PhD Students

Paulo Santos – Software Synthesis and Repair via Refined Typed Genetic Programming (with Chris Timperley and Sara Silva)
Guilherme Espada – Automatically Inferring the Resource Cost of Programs
Pedro Barbosa — Modelling the impact of deep intronic mutations on the human disease (with Carmo-Fonseca)

MSc Students

Catarina Gamboa — Refined Java: adding optional refinements to the Java language.
Bernardo Ferrari — Compiling a Refinement Typed Language to LLVM (with Rafael de Santiago)
Lia Malato — Proving Theorems in Lean (with Fernando Ferreira)
Gonçalo Duarte — Swarm Algorithms for Evolutionary Test Suite Generation (with José Campos)
Pedro Silva — CAMELOT: Optimization of Machine Learning Feature Engineering (with Antónia Lopes)
Leon Ingelse — GeneticEngine, an hybrid grammar-guided and strongly-typed genetic programming framework
Afonso Rafael — Safe Websockets Communication on Javascript via FreeST (with Vasco Vasconcelos)
Miguel Tavares — RobotFix: Static Bug detection for Robotics Software (with Chris Timperley)
Ricardo Cordeiro — RobotFix: Dynamic Bug detection for Robotics Software (with Chris Timperley)

Past students

  • 2020-21, João David (MSc @ FCUL) — CAMELOT: Automatically Generating Efficient Feature Extraction Code (First job at Critical TechWorks, a joint-venture between BMW and Critical Software)
  • 2020-21, Máximo Oliveira (MSc @ FCUL) — Exploring a Larger Search Space for Automatic Program Repair (First job at BlackRock)
  • 2014-15, Rui Cossa (BSc @ ISCTEM) — TaxiFind – an app for efficient Taxi-hailing (now a Manager at Vodafone M-Pesa)