Alcides Fonseca

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Research projects

Resource Aware Programming (2022-2023)

RAP is a 18 month exploratory project funded by FCT that aims to explore how to reason about software cost (execution time, memory, energy consumption) in a probabilistic manner, providing developers with tools to understand the implications of their decisions, and assurance of SLA compliance.

CAMELOT: Autonomic platform for Machine Learning using anonymized data (2019-2022)

CAMELOT is a large-scale CMU|Portugal project that aims to improve the efficiency and assurance of AI in fraud prediction. The project is led by the industrial partner Feedzai, and features other partners such as Carnegie Mellon, University of Coimbra, Instituto Superior Técnico. At LASIGE, our focus has been on interpretable AutoML, and assurance that machine learning pipelines have no bugs.

Advanced Computing (2021-2023) and (2022-2024)

Advanced Computing covers two Erasmus initiatives that I am coordinating at the University of Lisbon for the purpose of internationalisation of training in High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The first is a Erasmus+ KA130-HED initiative (Reference 2022-1-PT01-KA131-HED-000067571) that spans from 2021 to 2023. The second is a KA131 initiative (Reference KA130-HED-B25B0A52) that spans from 2022 to 2024.