Alcides Fonseca

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I have been an Assistant Professor at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa since February 2017. Previously I was an Invited Assistant at the Department of Computer Engineering of the University of Coimbra and an Invited Professor at ISCTEM.


  • 2019/20 – Functional Programming, Parallel and Concurrent Programming🎓, Object-Centered Design🎓, Compilers🎓
  • 2018/19 – Functional Programming, Parallel and Concurrent Programming🎓, Object-Centered Design🎓, Software Systems Construction
  • 2017/18 – Functional Programming, Introduction to Programming, Object-Centered Design, Software Systems Construction
  • 2016/17 – Object-Centered Design, Programming II


  • 2016/17 – Distributed Systems
  • 2015/16 – Distributed Systems, Compilers
  • 2014/15 – Distributed Systems, Compilers
  • 2013/14 – Distributed Systems, Compilers, Multimedia
  • 2012/13 – Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Databases
  • 2011/12 – Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Applications for the Internet
  • 2010/11 – Distributed Systems, Multimedia


  • 2013/14 – Distributed Systems🎓

🎓 = Responsible for Course


I am a member of the gloss team of LASIGE and of the Software and Systems Engineering group of CISUC.

My research focuses on Programming Languages, Parallel Programs and GPGPU, with Machine Learning and Evolutionary approaches as tools to improve them. My PhD thesis is titled “Automatic Optimization of Granularity Control Mechanisms for Parallel Programs”.

You can read more about my research, including the software produced. A list of publications is available on Google Scholar.

My Erdös number is 7: Fonseca::Aldrich::Vieira::Ghilezan::Žunić::Ivić::Erdös

Talks and Workshops

Despite the academic job, I have been a freelance developer and I give talks and workshops frequently. Some of the topics include:

  • Programming languages (Python, Scala, Haskell)
  • Web programming (Django, REST APIs, OAuth)
  • Parallel and concurrent programming (Java ForkJoin, Futures, GPGPU)
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS)

Contact me if you are interested.


I’m definitely geek, atheist, straight-edge, adept of Radical Honesty and not a vegetarian!

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