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A Golden Era of Blogging

“It reminds me a lot of how blogging changed around 2005-2009, when ad money came pouring in, and while it was great for bloggers that previously were just publishing for the heck of it (myself included), eventually the money tainted the process as many people rushed to improve their bottom line, often at the expense of whole reason they created their sites.” — Today’s YouTubers are repeating the mistakes of yesterday’s bloggers by Matt Haughey

Love, passion, and curiosity — more than money — fuel the majority of posts that show up in my RSS feed every day and I love it.
Forget the days of Google Reader, now is a golden era of blogging.

A Golden Era of Blogging by Jim Nielsen

I have always only subscribed to passion-driven blogs, and not for profit endeavors (RedMonk maybe being the exception). But you do see the trend on Youtube as the quality decreases as YouTubers become need-to-pay-my-employees sized.