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Coimbra breathes geekness #1

Geek Stuff

October 30 – Coimbra Scene Meetup @ Nest – Monthly informal meeting where the Coimbra entrepreneur community meets. No talks!

October 31 – Robotics Introduction @ Casa das Artes – The wonderful Artica will given an introduction to Robotics using their own robots. (45 euros)

November 6 – UnixDEI @ DEI – A Saturday of talks for the unix geeks all around.

November 21-22 – Portuguese Hacklabs Meeting @ Casa das Artes – The Audiência Zero gathers all their Coimbra, Lisbon and Porto labs in an open weekend to present projects, share knowledge and develop new ideias.

December 4 – Coimbra Java User Group Meeting @ DEI – Introduction to Maven (by Sérgio Ferreira). It’s a must for those of you who want high paying corporate jobs.

December 4 – Coimbra Codes #2 @ IPN – Three 20min talks: Graph Databases (by my former student Pedro Paredes), Ansible and AWS deploys (by Vasco Pinho) and Property-Based Testing in Scala (by my former advisor Paulo Marques). I am also an advocate for property-based testing, although I believe Haskell works bests for this purpose.

December 11-13 – Ludum Dare @ Casa das Artes – 72h gamedev marathon competition.

December 12 – Portugal Google Developer Groups Summit @ DEI – Developers of Google-based services from Portugal, and maybe some from Spain will meet in Coimbra, with some Google developers coming as guests.

December 16 – Android Talks #2 @ Nest – Three 20 minute talks (I see a pattern here) about Android Development. If you are an hardcore developer, you’ll feel at home. If you are starting, you will get the idea anyway.

January 29-30 – Global Game Jam @ Casa das Artes – Another 72h gamedev marathon competition.

In the last month or so, we’ve had: Coimbra Codes #1, Android Talks #1, Portugal Virtual Reality Meetup and others…

You may have noticed that we are going to have two gamedev marathons very close, which may mean that we will not have our local version dubbed The Game of Games with local prizes.

Fun Stuff

Every Thursday – Boardgames @ Casa das Artes – Carcassone, Catan, Ticket to Ride are only the first games that will get you into economy, bluffing, pushing your luck and global world domination.

November 1 (First Sunday of each month) – RPG meeting @ Casa das Artes – Let’s play short RPG adventures on a rainy Sunday afternoon

October 31 to November 29 – Ano Zero – A whole lot of art expositions and performances.

December 4-6 – Comic-Con @ Porto – Not in Coimbra, but big and close enough to be mentioned here.

December 17 – StarWars Episode XII – The Force Awakens

I intend to make this a periodic thing. If something is missing, please let me know.