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Coimbra breathes geekness #3

Geek Stuff

  • Aug 21 – GDG gather hour II @ Fangas – Meet&drinks by the google developer group. Meet Carlos and guys and talk about android and other google tech.
  • Oct 1 – The Product Garage Party @ TBD – I wasn’t given permission to share what the event was about, but I’ll spoil you that it’s the kind of party early Steve Jobs would attend.


  • Nov 5-6 – Inteligent Design @ EDIT Lisboa – Aritificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in Product Design, presented by yours truly. Details soon to come.


Despite all these events, there are two national events that are shadowing the community activity in Coimbra:

  • Oct 6-8 PixelsCamp @ LXFactory, Lisboa – Codebits is back under the Sonae brand. Same people, same spirit.
  • Nov 7-10 WebSummit @ Lisboa – I haven’t decided if I should go or not (I already got a ticket) because I don’t know if it is going to be 100% commercial, or if some people who actually work are also going to be there. We’ll see.