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Now I can touch ASP.NET again

So after my first real project in ASP.NET 2.0, I’ve never touched ASP.NET again. It’s simply ugly. And coding for the web in a language like C#, or Java is really a PITA. I just want my logic explained, and it’s one of the reasons for Ruby on Rails success.

But today Microsoft has made a small step that may make me experiment some stuff in their web technology again:

This afternoon we released a refresh of our DLR/IronPython support for ASP.NET, now called “ASP.NET Dynamic Language Support”, on our CodePlex site.

This means I will be able to do MVC web applications in Python (or Ruby). This is their response to the RoR success. Of course I like Django the most and I may even use it in the MS stack. This because the Microsoft teams for the IronRuby and IronPython are working to get Rails and Django working in their platforms, which is a really cool thing coming from the company that we all know well.