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GIT in Student is the server in which DEI student accounts are in. However this guide may apply to other configurations, changing a few bits.

Git is a Distributed Version Control System in which you can save your progress in your projects.

Installing GIT in Student

You can start by firing up your Terminal or Putty, if you live in the windows world.


mkdir src
cd src
tar xvzf git-1.5.4.rc4
cd git-1.5.4.rc.tar.gz

./configure —prefix=/home/lei200X/MYUSER/sw/git # Type pwd to see which year it is.
make install
nano ~/.bashrc

Last command opened a file editor, in which you insert this line at the end:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/lei200X/MYUSER/sw/git/bin

Control+O, Enter, Control+X and you’re back on the command line:

source ~/.bashrc
git --version

Setting up a repository

On your server

cd ~/
mkdir projects
cd projects
mkdir example.git
cd example.git
git --bare init

On your client:

git clone
cd example.git
echo "Hello world" > README
git add .
git commit -m "Added REAME file"
git push origin master