Alcides Fonseca

40.197958, -8.408312


I’ve been using redmine for a while now. And it rocks! I use it for bug and feature tracker together with time tracking, and also for viewing my repositories. It supports svn, bzr, hg and git. But only works with git local repositories. So if you have your repository somewhere on the web (say GitHub), you have to clone it to your webserver and keep it updated.

Of course one could run hourly crons, but that would be a waste of CPU when github provides something called webhooks. Now something we need is a simple webapp that provides the endpoint for the webhook to connect to. I decided sinatra would be perfect for this and wrote git-pull-hook.

It has some simple instructions if you aren’t sure what to do. And I’d really appreciate feedback on this, specially in security issues. And you’ve got two ways of doing this. the first (and nicer) is to fork the project and send a pull-request; the second is to email me (or comment right here) and hope someday I’ll look at this ever again.