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Goodreads to Shelfari

I’ve never found a good movie-manager, that’s why I started with Movio, but as for books there are a few good options: LibraryThing which lacked a good design (yes, I do care about that), GoodReads and Shelfari.

The last two were pretty equal to me, until Luís brought to my attention they were keeping our password in their database. In fact, if you “Forget your password”, you’ll receive it in plain text in your email inbox.

As anyone concern about their privacy, I decided to migrate to Shelfari and delete my account in GoodReads. Luckily both services allow import/export, so I exported my GoodReads library to cvs, applied a bit of python magic and got a Shelfari compatible text file.

So if you have a GoodReads account, I suggest you to export your books, copy the file to same folder as my script, and run it. It will produce a “my_shelfari.txt” file you will upload in the import section in Shelfari. As simple as that.