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SVN update finder button


It’s the one before tm(Open In TextMate)

As I stated in my review, I believe VCS should adapt to your workflow, and not otherwise. I find myself doing so many SVN updates, that I even find it too painful to use the excelent SCPlugin menu.

What would be perfect is a button in Finder’s toolbar![1] And that’s what you can download here.

If you want Commit and Checkout buttons, just bug me to do the same trick to get them

The story behing this

This isn’t all result of my work, I just made the mashup of a lot of stuff together to achieve my purpose. This was inspired from Open in Textmate, from which I stole the base artwork.

The code that actually runs, its stolen from Subversion Scripts for Finder with a few modifications.

So I just did some Fireworks-fu and glued the whole thing together.

How to make the same for my own applescripts?

Since I’m kinda new to OS X, I struggle a bit to get the image right, so here’s a guide to do the same for your own scripts.

The icon in the finder is 32×32px and you can find in the zip the Fireworks png version of the one I made, and also a vanilla one for your purposes. Just edit with Fireworks, or your favorite editor. Now to get an ICNS file, DON’T use img2ics. Instead, use Icon Composer (in /Developer/Applications/Utilities, but you must have installed XCode first!!), edit the default icon, and drag-n-drop your PNG to the 32px square. Save it, replace droplet.icns and you’re done!


I usually release opensource stuff like this under WTFPL, but since I’m using other sourcea, this is GPL 2.0

1As of Leopard, you can drag Applications to the toolbar. Just drag them and wait 2 seconds and drop it.