Alcides Fonseca

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This project aims to be a easy-to-include unobtrusive code to transform a input type=file into a webcam input. People can then click to get a picture, and upload it.

I am developing this in order to scan some book covers easily, but I believe this could also become very popular in the Social Network world, where you take an instant picture for your avatar.

Show me the files!

Here they are or maybe you just want to try it yourself online

How it works

It consist of a Flash swf file to get the webcam, and some javascript glue. In the server side, you just have to guess if you are receiving a file (if the user is not using javascript) or if it is a string and base64 decodeit.

A simple php file that has that condition for you is included. You might want to tight up the security, too.

Todo List:

  • Make a Django Widget out of this