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Suicide Squad

TLDR; Yet another Marvel fanboy bashing Suicide Squad.

Spoiler free

Suicide Squad is a lightweight super-hero movie with an ensemble cast. I’ve enjoyed but it’s far from a good movie. The plot is very straightforward, you can predict everything until the end, and there is almost no character development. Character-wise, the movie is focused on Will Smith’s character (probably who got paid the most). The adaptations from the comics were pretty much okay, except for…

... the Joker. I really hated this guy. Ben Affleck was a just-OK batman, but it did not suck as much as the J. First, they should be around the same age, with maybe Joker being a bit older. But this Joker looks like he is 30 at most, and Mr. Wayne is in his early 40s. This difference makes no sense to me. Secondly, his face tattoos and metallic teeth make him look like a rapper who sang with slipknot than a fearsome crime lord/vilain. He doesn’t strike me as a insane master mind. Just some rich kid who did too many drugs and with enough money to hire thugs to do the work for him. Hamil’s the animated series Joker is the best for me.

With light spoilers

The movie is filled with unnecessary characters (Boomerang and Katana, for starters) and the plot was made for the action scenes without any justification: 1. The witch could just have overpowered everyone in a matter of seconds anytime. 2. The USA could have nuked the place, instead of required a small explosive. 3. Deadshot could have destroyed both smartphones in a glimpse.

The amount of jokes is okay, but it is nothing like Deadpool or the first Avengers. I understand DC is supposed to be darker, but this movie is clearly made to be funny by design.