Alcides Fonseca

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Resource-Aware Programming (RAP)

Resource-Aware Programming (RAP) is an exploratory research project, funded by FCT.

The RAP project aims to give developers more feedback of the resources (time, memory energy) their programs cost, during the development process. The projects relies on considering cost as a probabilistic function, and relying on Genetic Programming to infer the cost of basic blocks, based on execution traces.

RAP is funded by FCT:

  • EXPL/CCI-COM/1306/2021 – Main project (2022-2023)
  • 2022.15800.CPCA.A1 – Genetic Programming for Genomics Interpretation (2023)



  • GeneticEngine An hybrid of Grammar-Guided and Strongly Typed Genetic Programming in Python.
  • Aeon A programming language with liquid types, focused on synthesis
  • LiquidJava A library+typechecker + VSCode plugin for Java that adds Liquid Types and TypeState.


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