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Research Tips for Students

A few tips:


Typesetting and Plots

LaTeX Packages


How to write documents with me.

  • Create a git repo for each paper/project. Usually I create a repo just for the paper, and the code lives on a different repo, as it can be reused for different papers.
  • Use LaTeX for the paper. Yes it’s ugly, but at least I don’t have to worry (much) about formatting.
  • Use bibtex to manage bibliographies. By order of preference, use DBLP, ACM, IEEE and only Google Scholar as a last resource to get the Bibtex key.
  • Use cleveref and \Cref or \cref instead of \ref to manage references to figures and sections. Use label prefixes: cha:, sec:, subsec:, fig:, lst:, tab:
  • Use Software~\cite{source_key} to connect the citation with the previous work. Use \citet and \citep accordingly.
  • Use short and direct sentences. Use (well) connectors between sentences to give a conducting line to the paragraph.
  • Always give an overview before you go in detail.
  • Have a running example in all your papers.
  • Read a couple of similar papers in top venues. Learn the common structure and use it.
  • Do NOT use minted. It is a PITA.